1 Nov 2013

Greed (The seven deadly Sins)

Avaritia / Gulsigheyt
The Museum of Instant Images - Mr. Colori
cat.nr.2200 d.d.09.09.12
psychecolorogy nr.137

Mr. Colori / C. Gijsen / Erik Honders - Netherlands
contribution to: Visions of Bosch - Netherlands

Je was zes en je wilde alles benoemen.
Een minne usurpator - Alexander de
Kleine - nam de wereld over, veranderde
De regels binnen het huis, vergaarde roem en

Lof door alleen maar te fietsen en te praten.
Wat je aanwees, werd van jou, ingenomen met
Gemak en logica; waar de onvaste tred
Van je pootjes klonk, werd soberheid verlaten.

Je dacht dat het allemaal van jou was, meende
Rechten te hebben, vruchtgebruik te bezitten
Over het zichtbare, voelbare; ontleende

Aanspraken aan je jeugd, verstrekte aflaten
Aan je volgers: de dingen begonnen te klitten.
Je keek om je heen, ieder bleek je te haten.

C. Gijsen



You were six, you had to give everything a name.
This pocket-sized usurper, this Alexander
the not-so-great, had become the world’s commander.
You changed the house rules, achieved everlasting fame

and won high praise when you biked or only chattered.
You pointed and things were yours. Easy. Your twaddling
conquered with plain logic, the sound of your toddling
small feet on the floor meant all restraint was shattered.

You claimed what was yours by right! That much was clear.
You thought you had the usufructuary rights
to what you saw and touched due to your tender years.

You offered pardons to those who came at your call.
Then things tangled up and you were in for a sight:
you looked around and found yourself hated by all.

translation: Erik Honders